Jack Anthology I Cover

Happy Autumn!

Too soon for that?

It's just Labor Day weekend, but the cool weather is already here.

Okay, it's Wisconsin, but I was looking forward to a good old fashioned summer and it never came. I think we only broke the 90's twice in July and not at all in August. Oh well, it saves us money on the air conditioning.

My wife and I walk in the mornings. A nearby park has walking trails and a beautiful pond. We call it "ours" and we share it with everyone else. Lately, we've seen a lot of birds moving south and the trees are already starting to change. Did they get a memo that we did not?

So, until further notice, Happy Autumn!

Jack the Demon Hunter is still available in two formats; electronic for 3.99USD at most major e-tailers, and 9.99USD in paperback from Amazon, Create Space, and Barnes&Noble.

If you know people who like reading in the area of fantasy or science fiction, then this might be of interest to them. See the Jack the Demon Hunter page for more details.

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I wish.

Actually, you are my advertising and marketing department. Seriously, I need your help. I need recommendations and reviews. I can't do them, only you can. Check out the sample of Jack on this site, and if you like it, please pick up a copy in paper or for your e-reader. If you feel you can recommend it to friends and family, please do, and if you would be willing to write a review, I would be most grateful. See the Jack the Demon Hunter page for info on that.

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