Jack Anthology I Cover

Merry Christmas!

May all the joys of the Christmas season be your to share with those you love.

Wisconsin is full of snow. It came a little sooner than we have gotten used to and brought a little more cold with it than some of us would like. Looks like a white Christmas, though. Great for the photos and outdoor activities.

My wife and I walk in the mornings. Now we have a dog to take with us, so sometimes it is more of a morning "pull" than a morning walk. Some days he is quite obedient, but some days he fights the leash on every single step. He is also kind of a mercenary. He knows several tricks and obeys a few commands, but only if he knows you have a treat. No treat, no trick.

It is that "pay me" attitude that I don't care for. At least he is consistent. It is good to have things that are consistent to depend on, like Jack the Demon Hunter.

Jack the Demon Hunter is still available in two formats; electronic for 3.99USD at most major e-tailers, and 9.99USD in paperback from Amazon, Create Space, and Barnes&Noble.

If you know people who like reading in the area of fantasy or science fiction, then this might be of interest to them. See the Jack the Demon Hunter page for more details.

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You might think there is a team of dedicated specialists pouring over the text, staying up late at night and burning the midnight oil to get the text and graphics just right. Phone calls might be going out all over the country from the advertising and marketing department and the shmoozers are warming up to the critics to try and influence some good reviews.

I wish.

Actually, you are my advertising and marketing department. Seriously, I need your help. I need recommendations and reviews. I can't do them, only you can. Check out the sample of Jack on this site, and if you like it, please pick up a copy in paper or for your e-reader. If you feel you can recommend it to friends and family, please do, and if you would be willing to write a review, I would be most grateful. See the Jack the Demon Hunter page for info on that.

Jack makes a great stocking stuffer!

With or without Jack, may you have the Merriest of Christmases, and the Happiest of New Years!