I hate these and like them at the same time.

I hate these and like them at the same time.

I feel so guilty this year. We have mini Christmas candle lava lamp night lights in the house. My honey glommed them off of a friend last year and has been waiting to put them up. Now they are up.

Kitsch just doesn't say it.

I hated them the first moment I saw them. "Not in my house!"

"Okay, hon, you will only have to see them when you stop by to visit me. When ya leavin'?"

I didn't like that option. We are still in the same house together. More to the point, we are still in the same house together with those lights.

"They are kitsch!"

"No they aren't. They are cute."

"Those things have kitsch they haven't even used yet!"

"Don't be unpleasant."

"But, I hate them."

"They will grow on you."

"Do I need to see a Dr. about that?"

"Did you take the garbage out yet?" That is her way of ending the conversation and the argument. It usually works.

So, here I am with the kitsch lights. I hid them. She found them.

I loosened the bulbs. "Oh, did you see those things burned out?" She tightened the bulbs.

"They don't really go well there. Too close to the other lights."

"Thanks, honey. You are right. I'm going to move them over here where everybody who comes in can see them better."

I was not accomplishing my purpose. There was only one thing to do. She spends all day Tuesday with her mother. When she gets home, they must be gone.

Tuesday came, I crept up on the wretched little defilers, reaching out to remove them and end their invasion of my home. But, just before pulling them out, I took a moment to look at the gentle rays of colored light splashing the alcove where they now lived. It was kind of pretty. I looked on for a moment and the phone rang. Someone selling something that he didn't want to sell and that I didn't want to buy.

One thing and another entered the day until long shadows entered the living room from the deck. I returned to the alcove to get the lights. But, now they actually did seem kind of cheery. I was not prepared to go as far as cute, but cheery was definitely accurate.

But, that all aside, it was the principle of the thing. Kitsch did not have the right to dwell in my home without my permission. Cute or not. I mean cheery or not.

The thing is, they are still here. And, starting to grow on me.

Merry Christmas.

The other irritating light.

The other irritating light.

More Fun With WP

Had a great time playing with the plugins today. I found the ones I want to work with and sifted through a buncha' other ones. Like having money in your pocket in a store full of goodies, or books.

I hate bookstores and libraries because I realize I can never read through them all. I once spent over 24 hours in the library at college. No one turned the lights off, and I just kept on reading, getting another book, cross-checking, and reading some more.

My little sweetie wasn't too happy with me. I thought I'd been there only about six hours. I was amazed at my productivity! Not as amazed when I realized I was there four times as long as I'd originally thought.

That's the trouble with so many books, or plugins. But, that is the nature of the things we enjoy,... easy to do more, hard to hold back. If that wasn't the case excess wouldn't be a problem.

The plugins did get selected, installed, and are at the point of being tested, so tomorrow I can get back to finishing up some of these stories.

Another excess.

the adventure continues

Been trying to add ProductXYZ (name withheld to protect the innocent. That would be me), as my email management. The program looks pretty good, but the documentation is a little thin. If you are used to instructions that explain what to do, it is really kinda' thin. Actually, there really isn't any for sub-pro level users. I was just trying to be kind.

On their site if you search for "install" you will get a list of installation remarks.

The second remark gives a link to "installation instructions."

That gives set of links to yet other instructions. Think you are home yet. No such luck. There, you can find, by trial and error, a link that gives you guess what? Wait for it,.... ready? Another link! And that gives you LINKS!!!! But, those links are to actual documentation. (whew)!

Since it is kind of a goal to have a user actually take one's product and use it, you might expect an easier time getting the information that tells you how to do that. But, they are getting 1500+ downloads a week, so they must know what they are doing.

Perhaps, since it is not an easy install, they are just trying to keep out the riffraff. Any way, I finally got the docs.

Back in the college days I had a job writing software documentation. The way it worked is this: the programmers would dish out the program with handwritten notes that could sometimes be read and were often even in English. I would take the notes and follow them as closely as I could to see if those instructions actually produced the stated results.

I distinctly recall occasions on which the programmers notes did work just as they were supposed to. The number of times when they resulted in something completely different or in nothing at all was what gave me employment. My task was simple to state: find out what actually does work and write documentation that shows how to do that.

Ah,... the way these instructions bring me right back to the college days,... but back to this post. I think I could do this. It doesn't look like an impossible install. You probably don't need an MS in CS, or a BS in IT, but you do probably need to have spent enough time in mid-level programming to be comfortable doing this or IT becomes b.s.

ProductXYZ does look like an excellent program and as though it is worth the effort to get it installed and set up right. So, the plan going forward is to start working on a set of documentation for ProductXYZ that will work for me, and in the meantime go with an el cheapo program that already has EZ doc setup, and needs no additional b.s.



This page isn’t working yet, but it is gonna!

I had the most difficult time getting this page to work. I had another page in the way and couldn't get rid of it. Now, It seems to be working.

Now I have to get my content and links together. Haven't much time either. Whole day wasted on pushing that other page out of the way.

Probably will make this a static page and push the blog to another page.

I need an "intersection page" to link all my social media to, and so that makes three pages.

Need to do a few other things such as add an email signup, shop, and a few other things like that. That is what tomorrow is for.