More Fun With WP

Had a great time playing with the plugins today. I found the ones I want to work with and sifted through a buncha' other ones. Like having money in your pocket in a store full of goodies, or books.

I hate bookstores and libraries because I realize I can never read through them all. I once spent over 24 hours in the library at college. No one turned the lights off, and I just kept on reading, getting another book, cross-checking, and reading some more.

My little sweetie wasn't too happy with me. I thought I'd been there only about six hours. I was amazed at my productivity! Not as amazed when I realized I was there four times as long as I'd originally thought.

That's the trouble with so many books, or plugins. But, that is the nature of the things we enjoy,... easy to do more, hard to hold back. If that wasn't the case excess wouldn't be a problem.

The plugins did get selected, installed, and are at the point of being tested, so tomorrow I can get back to finishing up some of these stories.

Another excess.