Every Day A Little Closer

A little closer to the release of Jack the Demon Hunter.

It has been a merry chase. But it is nearly done.

My dear spouse believes we will sell several trillion copies and is making arrangements for such things as new drapes, a new coffee maker, and a trip to the salon.

I am a little more realistic. I'm just planning to write the next one.

But, life goes on.

We did volunteer work at our Church's Vacation Bible School. It was really cool. I was dreading the event. Little kids aren't really my age group to work with. But, the first day came and it was not as bad as I expected. By the end I was looking forward to going. Afterwards, I was sad not to have the group of kids to go and see.

Kind of surprised me.

I don't know if we will volunteer again next year, but I will not quickly say no.