Tomorrow is the Release Day for Jack the Demon Hunter

Jack the Demon Hunter is available on preorder right now--see the free sample page right next door to this one.

I'm surprised at all of the places that Jack the Demon Hunter is available. Smashwords electronically distributes the books that you publish on their site to a whole flock of retailers including:

Apple iTunes/iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Page Foundry, Baker & Taylor Blio, txtr, Flipkart, Oyster, and Scribd. More to be added as they go. If you have accounts at any of these places you should find the book available on the 28th or 29th of August.

Jack the Demon Hunter is also available for distribution to libraries. Library Direct, Baker and Taylor's Axis360 and OverDrive all make the electronic copy available to libraries. If you like Jack the Demon Hunter you can tell your librarian! They can order a copy for their electronic lending library. The paperback version will also be available to libraries through Create Space.

Amazon makes the book available in 15 countries, and Apple makes it available in 44 countries. Wow. I had no idea it would be available in so many places.

The preorder ends at midnight, immediate order begins at that time. I hope the book finds a receptive audience. Check out the free sample and see if you like it. Who do you know that also might like it? Thanks for any recommendation you make, and if you like it, please consider posting a review at Goodreads, Smashwords, Apple iTunes/iBooks, Amazon, B&N or anywhere else that you like to get your books.

Feels Like Running a Marathon

There is always one more thing to do.

Today it was FINALLY getting the information about Apple and Amazon going live for pre-order. (See my free sample page). B&N and KOBO are still not up and available, but everyday we get a few more details here or there fixed. So, sooner or later.

When we first got a date of August 28 for release I thought, why so far away? Now I know the answer, because there is so much you have to do! 

Now it would be great to have a few more weeks. But, one week to go. That is good. I still have to do a lot of letter writing and asking of friends to give recommendations if they like the book. What if they don't like the book. What if I am the only one who likes it! 

That is the kind of thought that goes through my head until I speak to someone who just read the free sample and liked it. Then I am on cloud nine. I can't wait to write the next story. Then my dear wife says something like, "honey, would you take out the garbage."

Then I remember that there is always one more thing to do.

Free Sample will be up on my site until the 28th!

The first story from Jack the Demon Hunter is posted on my website. Go to my website at and click the free sample text on the navigation bar and you will be at the free sample. or click this link (if it survives):

I hope you like it. If you read it, who do you know that might like it too? It's free. Please feel free to pass it on! Thanks!

Release date for Jack the Demon Hunter

I have a release date (at last), for Jack the Demon Hunter: August, 28, 2014.

It should be available in a variety of formats, and pre-order should be available at a number of ebook retailers.

The ebook will be 3.99, and the paperback 9.99 plus S&H.

The first story in the book, Chasing A Menter, Should be available in a few days to give a taste of the rest of the book.

Table of Contents
Chasing A Menter
What Is A Menter
Breaking Away
A-51 Blaster
Daemonia Nervosa: the unexpected visitor
Cracker Jack
Demons Underground
Rescue Jack
Chapel Jack
Acknowledgments and Dedication
Notes to Readers and Disclaimer
Author Links
Other Things In Print and Coming Attractions

Limited ARCs available in epub. Stay tuned for details.