Feels Like Running a Marathon

There is always one more thing to do.

Today it was FINALLY getting the information about Apple and Amazon going live for pre-order. (See my free sample page). B&N and KOBO are still not up and available, but everyday we get a few more details here or there fixed. So, sooner or later.

When we first got a date of August 28 for release I thought, why so far away? Now I know the answer, because there is so much you have to do! 

Now it would be great to have a few more weeks. But, one week to go. That is good. I still have to do a lot of letter writing and asking of friends to give recommendations if they like the book. What if they don't like the book. What if I am the only one who likes it! 

That is the kind of thought that goes through my head until I speak to someone who just read the free sample and liked it. Then I am on cloud nine. I can't wait to write the next story. Then my dear wife says something like, "honey, would you take out the garbage."

Then I remember that there is always one more thing to do.