Available in Paperback!!! Jack!!!

Jack the Demon Hunter is available right now in paperback. (Finally).

This link will get you to the paperback edition.

Paperback Jack


At times I never thought I'd get here, but here I am. And there Jack is. This is the print version cover, just a little different from the e-version.

I'm behind on a bunch of other things. I need a page on this website to download a "thank you" story to reviewers of Jack the Demon Hunter.

I First need to complete the free "thank you" story. It is almost done, but now that the book is finally approved in paperback I can turn my attention to other things, like completing that story.

If you do a review of Jack the Demon Hunter you can receive a free download of A Day At Groom Lake. It will not be available to anyone else until the third anthology. In the third anthology it will be titled Jumping Jack and have about 25% or so of additional story (that is, it will include part V, you will get parts I thorough IV). Most of the story is tied off at the end of part IV. Gotta save a little of the story for when it goes public!

To get your free download:

1. read Jack the Demon Hunter, and then,
2. post a review on Smashwords, B&N, Amazon, iTunes/iBooks, another e-retailer, or on GoodReads.
3. Then cut and paste your review into the comments with your email address (Not the same as registering for my newsletter. If you want the newsletter, register for that separately. If you want the download, post your email in the comments with your review. Comments are filtered, so your email will not go public, and will not be entered in my newsletter database. It will just be used to send you a password that lets you download your "thank you" story).
4. Go to the Free Story For Reviewers page.
5. Enter the password.
6. Choose your format, and then download your story.

Thank You!

The free story will be available as soon as I can complete it to my satisfaction and set up the webpages.

I should have had this done two weeks ago! But, I am still working on it. It will get done. Jack did, and is available in paperback right now. That feels so cool to say. Available right now in paperback. Yeah, cool!

Thanks to all you encouragers!