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Try these links to see what I am up to! Everything kind of connects back to this site somehow or other. always gets you back here.

Twitter. I'm @rabbitofsteel on Twitter. My tweets are mostly about writing or oriented towards God and Christianity.

Facebook. Pedar Bloom, is just a face book page.

Pinterest. rabbitofsteel boards I use to do visual story boarding in a very lose way. At this time you can't rearrange your pins so the best you can do is group them. It is fun to place those elements on a board and then do the writing. Some are close to how I visualize the story elements and some really nail what I think or how I feel. I appreciate feedback.

Live Journal. rabbitofsteel is an interesting place. I meet a lot of fun people there and keep my daily word count posted with a group of other writers. I post some of my blog content from there.

Tumbler. I do some of my blogging there. If I blog on something political, it is usually there.

The content from LJ, Twitter, and Tumblr cross-posts. Sometimes I feel more like using one, and sometimes more like using another. See ya out there. Or here.

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