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Jack the Demon Hunter II--an anthology of short fiction about a group of demon hunters and the things they learn about themselves and God, while assuring there isn't a demon behind every bush.

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Now Available!

Volume I is available in paperback, and is 9.99USD, plus about a billion in shipping, handling, and taxes, etc. And for 3.99 as an ebook, with only about half a billion in handling and taxes. Those numbers are estimates. Actual costs may differ.

There has been enough interest in Jack that the second anthology is in the works and partly complete. How much more Jack will there be? I guess it depends on how much more Jack people want.

A free, previously unpublished Jack story is available to readers who will post a review at a qualifying review site. (Basically, just about any public forum where reviews are commonly posted). See the details on the Jack the Demon Hunter page.

Another couple of free Jack stories will be available in the next few months, first to people who get my newsletter, and later to the general public.

The Rosary for Beginners, quick start--pray the Rosary even if you have never prayed one before and never had any instruction in how to pray. A free download is available.

Available Now!
Available Now!

You can download it to your ereader in several formats from Smashwords at this link:

All the problems with it seemed to have been solved. It had been revised three times and after the final revision was submitted to the local diocese to be considered for a Nihil Obstat.

A few problems were pointed out. Thankfully, it isn't as though I'm being accused of heresy or something, but some parts are considered unclear enough that they could be misleading or cause confusion.

I have a kind of repair-list of things to fix and then to resubmit. So, time to roll up the sleeves and then to rewrite and then to resubmit. If you find anything in the book that strikes you as odd or inaccurate, please leave a comment on my blog about what you think may be a problem.

The book is free, and the intention is that it always will be. You can stop back and get the next revision, or the next forever without charge as long as there is an internet that allows free downloads.

The little problems with format were finally worked out. The formatting holds in every format I know of now, so if you download it and have a problem, please let me know what device, os, and format you are using so I can try and make sure it gets fixed. It will still be free, just free with less errors.


The Amazing Adventures of the 27th Environmental Rangers--they are like park rangers, but park rangers for the solar system.

Deception--in their first episode the Rangers rescue a ship caught in Earth's gravity, and uncover a plot to alter the course of history. Planned for release in 2015.

Hot Times--The Rangers are back to settle a feud between mining giants N2M and U2M that threatens the supply of fresh atmosphere to Earth's orbital colonies throughout the solar system. Planned for release after Deception is out.

The Evacuation of Mars--Humanity wants another home world, and Mars has the location, the location and the location. But, it is already inhabited by humans. Humans who don't want to leave home during the terraforming. The Rangers have to move the stragglers off-world before the terraforming begins in earnest.

Working Title--Fahrenheit 45 II--the Domed cities. Inhabiting the same story line as the Rangers, but a century or so earlier, it is part of the story about how the conditions developed that made the Rangers possible years later.